Name That Nebula!

Here’s a fun little quiz for you!

Below are 9 pictures of interesting nebula, and your aim is to correctly guess the name based on its shape.

Are you ready?

Nebula 1

Taken by Stub Mandrel.

It may be obvious to you, but perhaps not. You may find it helpful to know that this nebula was named after a video game character.

Nebula 2


Many civilisations before us used the night sky to tell stories. One civilisation used them to tell stories about dwarves, elves, giants, gods and a lot of horses!

This nebula was named after an iconic prop of one of these mythological characters, one who you may have watched on the TV!

Nebula 3

Taken by Sara Wager. Check out the rest of her work!

(Hint: it’s an animal)

Nebula 4


This nebula resembles a face of a minor character (or three) in Macbeth.

Nebula 5

Taken by Siggi Kohlert. Check out the rest of their work here!

I can’t give any hints here; I’m certain you’ve got this one!

Nebula 6

This photo does not have any credits. If this is your image, please get in touch!

We’re focusing on the blue nebula within the red. It is something a pescatarian would enjoy eating, and is commonly fried in batter in Spain.

Nebula 7

Taken by Friendlystar.

Let’s go for a dark nebula! This one lies in the Ophiuchus constellation, if that helps!

In the right corner is the Boötes Void, one of my favourite nebulae!

Nebula 8

This fantastic image was taken by Iván Éder.

This nebula is supposed to resemble a baby animal.

Nebula 9

NASA, ESA & the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

This planetary nebula was discovered in 1922, and was named after a very common insect.

How well did you do?

If you get 0-3 nebulae correct, you may need to brush up on your knowledge. Use this as an excuse to go stargazing.

If you score between 4-6, not bad!

If you score 7 or more, I’m impressed! You really know your nebulae (unless you guessed them all, but I won’t judge.)

In order:

Pacman Nebula,

Thor’s Helmet Nebula,

Fish Nebula,

Witch Head Nebula,

Heart Nebula,

Squid Nebula,

Snake Nebula,

Baby Eagle Nebula,

Ant Nebula.


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