Space Knitting Patterns!

Here’s the thing:

I love knitting, and space, and SPACE KNITTING!

Although I haven’t done any space themed knitting projects, I have found a plethora of patterns, both free and purchasable, for you to try!

© Sarah Milkovich

If you still miss Oppy, you can knit this amazing Mars Rover hat by Sarah Milkovich! It is a brim up beanie with stranded colour work, ideal for those beginners trying to take their knitting up a level!

The pattern is a free download from Sarah’s Ravelry Store.


© Emily Bujold


These Stardust mittens are Carl Sagan inspired by Emily Bujold.

They are a 4 ply pattern which uses cables, so it’s quite advanced. The pattern is purchasable for $3.60.

If Sagan isn’t inspiring enough for you, you can opt for Marie Curie, Muster Mark, Isaac Newton, or Albert Einstein mittens too!



As we’re approaching Christmas, I thought you may be interested in knitting your own star for the Christmas tree.

Stars tend to be quite spherical (or at least ellipsoid), so why not knit a dodecahedron instead? Celestine is a great pattern using double pointed needles!



For those who want a stylish hat, I suggest this Astronomer’s Beret by Merri From. It is an advanced pattern which used corrugated ribbing, and circular needles.

Lastly, for those who love to crochet, you can make a Flat Earth. Complete with elephants and turtles all the way down (nearly)! I’ll say no more, just check out Planet June. I’m actually going to make this later in the year, so I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

What kind of impression will visitors have of you when they see this?

There’s plenty of knitted projects online, so if these didn’t interest you I suggest here for starters.

Happy knitting!


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