How Would a Flat Earth’s Magnetic Poles Work?

This is a genuine question from me, and maybe a fun challenge to do in your spare time.

I was searching the internet for a fun Flat Earth “proof” to debunk. All of Dubay’s have been long devoured. The idea of the magnetic poles came to mind, and I thought to myself:

What would magnetic poles on a Flat Earth look like?

I could not find many theories on the magnetic field of the Flat Earth. I saw a forum mention a toroidal magnet, followed by some nasty insults. To be honest, I was left quite dissatisfied with the (lack of) suggestions online.

The main problem with a model for the Flat Earth is that there is no South pole. The only thing that I could think of that solves this issue is maybe a radial magnet? Bear in mind, I still have a lot to learn about magnetism.

Here’s a diagram illustrating the field lines of a radial magnet:


But I already have some issues with it.

Firstly, the field is roughly going in the right direction (towards north), but not exactly. Measurements taken with a vector magnetometer would definitely not match up with this model, except for at the equator, where the field’s direction is parallel to the surface. On a radial magnet Earth, the magnetic North pole is parallel to the ground. However, at the real magnetic North pole, the field is orthogonal to the ground (i.e it’s going into the Earth). The radial magnet model doesn’t quite display that.

Perhaps the suggested toroidal magnet is a better theory. But then again, how would the Earth have formed such a structure? The model nearly fits at the North Pole, but definitely not at the South Pole.

The toroidal magnetic field is induced by an electric current, similarly to the Globe Earth’s field. However, it (presumably) doesn’t have an iron core structure, so any current would need to be induced in a completely different way.

Taken from Hyperphysics.

Not only that, but the Flat Earth is non-rotating, and rotation plays such a huge role in generating Earth’s magnetic field!

I can’t really think of anything else at the moment. Comment any ideas you have, although I think you get the point I’m making with this post.


    • Somebody did reply to me with a picture on Twitter. Unfortunately I had trouble reading the photo, and the explanation used cathodes and anodes inducing a potential difference. I was not convinced!

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