Three Problems With Expansion

Here’s a fun puzzle about the universe for you to ponder. As we all know very well, the universe is isotropic and expanding. However, there seems to be a few issues with the theory of expansion, here are three.

The Three Problems

If everything is isotropic, then all things must have come in contact with each other to exchange energy and be equilibrated. The issue is, our observations show a universe over 27 billion light years across, and the universe isn’t old enough to have expanded that much.

Secondly, our universe seems to be just about flat, meaning it’s at the critical density. If we had a higher density (spherical universe), the universe would have collapsed and increased the density even more after each repeat. If the density were any lower, the rate of expansion would continually increase. Everything seems slightly too perfect to ignore.

Lastly, there are fluctuations in density that expansion alone can’t explain. In fact, we don’t know why there were such uniformly distributed irregularities in the first place. These fluctuations became beautiful structures like galaxies and planets, but where did these come from?


I would like a neat theory that provides a solution to all three problems. I’m sure many of you know the solution, but it’ll be a fun challenge for those who don’t. The detailed theory and explanation will be posted shortly.

Image Credit: NASA

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