A Journey into Hollow Earth

You heard me!

Hollow Earth, like flat earth, is a theory that the Earth we live on is not as we know it. The hollow Earth model is essentially…a hollow Earth. On the outside are us, living on 7 continents with a Moon rotating around us. On the inside are more advanced people and land, formally known as Atvatabar. There are also escaped Nazis (including Hitler) from WWII living there too, apparently.

The trend is that the sub-terrans are highly advanced, long-living descendants of ancient races who have long past the need for wars. Living conditions are far better, so plants and animals grow larger and taller.

Some even say the Aurora Borealis are projections from the subterranean humans.

What would Earth look like if it were Hollow?

I am very confused by the geography of hollow Earth, but we’ll take on the challenge piece by piece.

Firstly, there are multiple entrances to the hollow Earth. I got the rough coordinates of them and plotted them using leaflet in R. Below is the map and markers.


I can see no connection between these areas, so that’s about it for the outside.

The inside Earth is around 1500 miles into the Earth, and is sometimes called Atvatabar, sometimes called Agharta.


Everyone’s image of the interior world is different (i.e inconsistent) but there seems to be plenty of spaceships from other planets and galaxies, tunnels in and out of the Earth, a central sun, and interestingly named cities such as rainbow city or Shamballah. It does sound oddly similar to Shangri-la.


It’s difficult to understand the diagram, but the continents and cities are actually curved around the hollow Earth. Here’s a better diagram:


As a quick tip: If you ever come across a hollow Earther and they start talking about Asgard or Norse mythology, they’re probably a Nazi. If you need more context on what tomfoolery I’m talking about, watch this absolutely mad video:

Yeah, I’m terribly confused.

How does gravity work?

Honestly I have no clue. Gravity is a prime example of why the hollow Earth doesn’t work, but somehow Hollow-Earthers won’t take such a quick defeat!

Our understanding of gravity implies that the only shape a planet could be is nearly spherical (depending on rotation). It would be impossible to have a stable structure like Earth not collapse and clump if it were hollow. This is because matter likes to have the lowest energy potential possible, and a hollow sphere does this terribly!

Also there’s nothing that will support a hollow Earth against gravity i.e there’s no force working against it. Not only that, but what’s left of Earth when a huge chunk of it’s removed to make a hollow Earth wouldn’t have a big enough gravitational force to keep us on the ground.

If you have a solution to these problems, let me know and perhaps you could answer some of these questions too:

How do we get our magnetic field with the absence of an iron core?

How much mass does the central sun have? Wouldn’t it also have a gravitational pull on us? If so, why aren’t the sub-terrans affected by it (implying they haven’t been pulled into the central sun)

For fusion to happen the mass of the central sun needs to be considerably larger than the mass of Earth, why haven’t we detected such a high mass and gravitational field coming from the centre of Earth? Again, why aren’t sub-terrans affected by this gravitational field?

Where is the evidence of a Hollow Earth?

Hmmm. I found anecdotal evidence, but I could not find any empirical evidence of a Hollow Earth.

The piece I found was about Admaril Byrd. He was a Navy officer for the US and in 1947 he supposedly flew not only over the North Pole, but into it as well. This evidence comes from an entry in his diary about a city named Agartha (Agharta maybe, not sure), and the inhabitants who he encountered when he made contact.

However, this could be false as Byrd was meant to be preparing for Operation Highjump in Antarctica at the time. Was he in the North, or South? Something already doesn’t add up with this piece of evidence.

If you want to read more:

Here is the site of someone who has studied and believes in hollow Earth. He understands it better than I do.

Scimandan has done some videos on Hollow Earth. Check out the main one here and this one is about telepathics who have communicated to subterraneans.


  1. Okay, so here’s my question: how hot would it be inside the hollow Earth? It would always be daytime, right? There’s no opportunity for the interior surface to cool off at night. So wouldn’t the interior surface keep heating up until it was in thermodynamic equilibrium with the mini-sun?

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