A Sad Loss in the Flat Earth Community

I’m not here to do any debunking or anything of the sort, rather I’m here to share the tragic death of a Flat-Earther yesterday.

Mike Hughes died after his homemade rocket crashed in California yesterday (22/02/2020). Many Flat-Earthers and Globe-Earthers will know Mike for his homemade rockets he builds to prove the Flat Earth, which have been featured in Homemade Astronauts and space-related news outlets from time to time.


Mike builds the rockets for the main purpose of finding whether or not the Earth is flat. Alike many Flat-Earthers, he deems most images of Earth false, and has spent a large amount of time fundraising and building space rockets to see for himself.

The crashed rocket was specifically a steam rocket and cost around £14,000 to build. The parachute had been torn off of the rocket as soon as the plane launched, leaving Mike in a terrible situation. The plane crashed nearly vertically in less than half a minute after launch, and killed Mike.

There is video footage of Mike’s launch, but I refuse to add it here out of sheer human decency.


I cannot deny I am impressed by Mike and his determination, despite me being a Globe-Earther. Mike went out to test his beliefs, and did his own research, although no one wants to see someone getting killed for it. Mike really did just want to see the Earth for what it was, and he seems the person that would have accepted whatever shape he saw.

The upsetting reality is that Mike did not need to harm himself for Flat Earth, and Flat Earthers should have never promoted his actions in the first place. The Flat earth community is full of manipulation and lying (trust me I’ve experienced it) and to think Hughes’ death was based upon a lie. It’s heartbreaking.

My thoughts go out to Mike’s family and team members today.


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