Teaching Kids Astronomy during Quarantine – Suggestions Please!

Calling all astronomers and parents – I need your help!

With the world being in lock down and with schools shut, we need to continue with our own (and our sibling’s/children’s own) education as best as possible!

My younger sister has just started learning about space in school before it shut, and I’m not missing this opportunity to teach her about the planets! Which gave me an idea.

During my spare time at home, I aim to get out as many astronomy resources for younger kids, as well as A-level content for students like me. Exams may be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean learning is too!

But I need your help!

I need suggestions for topics, books, revision material, activities, anything really!

Are there any visibility issues / special needs that I need to consider when setting up a post?

I want to know what kids would like to learn about, and what they already know. Some topics that have already been suggested to me are:

  • Planets
  • The Sun
  • The seasons and aurora
  • Stars and black holes
  • Astronaut training

Planet Pailly recommends for older kids the Kerbal Space Program, where your child can build spacecraft, manage and train crew, and discover new star systems through playing games. It goes through a wide array of tasks an astrophysicist, astronomer, astronaut, engineer and physicist would do in their career, and I was really amazed at the quality! It $39.99, but that is a one-off payment, and it is an educational game.

Send over any suggestions you have, comment, tweet or email, and I’ll do my best to bring content to you.

Stay safe!



  1. This might be more suitable for older kids, but Kerbal Space Program is an excellent space flight simulator. The tutorial levels do a great job teaching you how to build and launch a rocket, how to change your orbit once you’re in space, and how to land on the Moon. And I think the tutorial levels are free. The full game costs money, of course.

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