Too much Covid, not enough Astronomy!

Hey all, it’s been a while!


For a whole month I have been away from My Hubble Abode, preparing for university, re-finding myself, and making some snazzy face masks!

As a little fundraiser, I’ve started sewing some triple layered masks for local people to buy and wear. They’re all space themed, as I am an astrophysics student!

A Little Tuto on Face Coverings


All you need is a needle & thread, breathable fabric (cotton or linen), and some thin elastic. Some people even use hair bands! I had 3 different types of astronaut fabric, so I made mine with these.

The coverings I made are made of 3 layers of 16 x 20 cm cotton/chintz, all overlocked together with a little opening to turn it rightside out.


I inverted and ironed out the coverings, and began pleating. Most people use knife pleats, however I chose to do inverse box pleats because when you pleat 3 layers, you end up having to sew through 18! I’m not making tiny knife pleats with that!


Another reason to choose inverse box pleats is that the front view looks slightly like a beak, which reminds me of plague doctor masks! Here is one all pinned and ready to go!IMG_20200724_163631

Attach some elastic to the side corners with a satin stitch and you have yourself a face mask! All that’s left is to wear it and go shopping!



Mine will be sold in the café that I work in. I already have 3 reserved for today, and I’m very excited to have my creations unleashed into the world!

That is my very short post for today. Stay safe, and I shall be back as soon as possible with more astronomy content!


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