A Small Pause, and The Start of Something New!

Well folks, your little amateur astronomer is off to play with the professionals!

My Hubble Abode will be a little inactive in the upcoming 2 weeks because I’m starting my master’s in astrophysics at the University of Leicester! I am so excited, and a bit exhausted!

It’s going to be a hectic 2 weeks, so as I get settled in I will have to prioritise classwork and learn to manage my time. Weekly posts may not be doable for now.

This also means I’m learning new areas of astronomy, so you guys are also going to have the pleasure of learning alongside me! It’s not all bad!

In the meantime, stay safe and have a blast!

Here’s my room. It’s actually quite spacious, but also came with about 25 spiders to vacuum. I haven’t slept well because of this.


  1. Hope it all goes well for you and you find it all enjoyable (well mostly). Maybe we will see/hear from you at a Zoom TAS meeting.
    You Hoover spiders?!

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