Space-Themed Workouts for Your Inner Astronaut!

2021 is headed our way. With this year being a rollercoaster of events that have ultimately lead to the most depressing year of my and others’ lives, let’s start next year with some good habits!

Why Exercise?

Exercise brings a ton of benefits to you and your life. It reduces the risk of multiple diseases such as heart diseases and many types of cancer, and can improve your mental health greatly as I’ve personally found out.

The CDC and NHS recommend for the average adult to get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week, plus 2 days of strength training and lots of walking!

Here’s some space-themed workouts I’ve found that you might like!

For Strength Training and Muscle!

Apollo and Supernova from Darebee (originally Neila Rey) incorporate a lot of core activation and the upper body. They’re both bodyweight workouts that focus on strength and hypertrophy (based on my limited knowledge on fitness). These are great as a little gym-replacement!

The workout I’m doing right now is gravity. My weakest area is my upper body and arms, so this one is perfect for me.

Since I’m such a weakling, I do knee push ups, hence I can’t (yet) do that last 2 exercises. I can only manage 2 sets, but I will progress with consistent practise!

A printable version for Apollo, Supernova, and Gravity can be found by clicking the links.

For Cardio

Mars and Venus are full of high intensity style movements, with quick paced movements and short intervals between each exercise. If you like to challenge your legs and arms more, Venus is probably best, while Mars focuses on the whole body including the core.

For an all-rounder

Astronaut is an all-rounder, including a bit of cardio, strength and core! It’s great for a total body workout to get you sweating and shaking!

Cool Down and Yoga

And of course, to cool down or to stretch and relax, we have Yoga for Inner Space Travel by Adriene Mishler. She is one of my favourite yoga teachers, and got me into yoga!

I hope these workouts can be of use to you, and I wish you all the best in 2021!

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  1. I have not had much luck with yoga. I end up flailing around for balance a lot. But if I ever get to go to another planet, I’ll probably end up flailing around a lot in the reduced gravity, so I guess that still fits the theme!

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