Flat Earther YouTube Comments 2

Let’s have a look at some more of our beloved space-denier’s YouTube comment, shall we? I’ve made my points a bit shorter, so we can cover all the rest of the arguments they made.

22: From Mercury, the Sun is 666 Times Brighter, Using the Inverse Square Law

Mercury’s Semi-Major axis is about 0.387098 AU, so if we take Earth’s brightness to be the standard, Mercury would experience about 6.6736 times more brightness, so not quite 666 but I can see where he got his answer from.

21: Venus is 464° Celsius or 867° Fahrenheit (The Median of These Two Numbers: 666)

The median is 666, true, but you’ve omitted Kelvin for some reason. Is it because the median would then be 690?

20: Mars is at 1.666 AU (Astronomical Units) from the sun at Aphelion

It’s 1.6658, so you still only get the 3 6s from rounding up.

19: Ceres (Classified as a Dwarf Planet in the Asteroid Belt) Has a 466.6 Day Synodic Period

That’s true. It doesn’t mean anything.

18: The Comet Shoemaker Levy Collided with Jupiter, Traveling at 6 x 6 x 6 x 1000 Kilometers Per Hour

Interesting way of manipulating the data! It was travelling at 60 km/s, so if you convert it into per hour of course you will have to multiply the speed by a load of 6s. Take out the factors of ten and lump them together and whadd’ya know! Three 6s all in a row!

Since us astronomers tend to stick to SI as much as possible whilst working with large distances, you will find a lot of data is in km/s, as is the case with Shoemaker-Levy 9’s data. They knew converting it into per hour would give rise to all those 6s.

17: Saturn’s Orbital Distance is 1,426,666,422 Kilometers or 9.54 AU

I think you’re running out of points.

16: The Surface Temperature of Uranus is: -6x6x6°
15: The Surface Temperature of Neptune is: -6x6x6°

That’s -216, and must be Celsius otherwise it would be far too hot if using Fahrenheit! If the Surface temp is -216 Celsius, you get 56.15 K when converted to Kelvin. That’s a bit extreme for Uranus’ atmosphere, and a bit too cold for the surface as well.

It’s slightly too cold for Neptune’s surface also, but about right for its atmosphere, so all in all their point is inaccurate.

14: Pluto’s Orbital Velocity is 4.666 Kilometers Per Second

LIAR! The average velocity is 4.669 km/s! Not only that, but after checking multiple sources, I’ve realised almost all of them will give a different answer, none of which round to 4.666 (that I’ve seen).

13: NASA’s Budget is $18 Billion (6+6+6)
Please enjoy this image of the Carina Nebula!

Assuming this is a rounded amount, I have found only 1 year since NASA’s inception that shows a budget of 18 billion. That’s 1983. If you prefer, there are 5 years where the budget in nominal dollars was about 18 billion. Still, I don’t really see what point you’re trying to make.

Here’s last year’s budget, with a couple other documents if you like to see.

12: The Speed of Light is `670,`616,`629 MPH. The Middle Number 616, Some have Claimed Is the Accurate Number of the Beast, instead of 666. The Common Rounded Form… 670,000,000 x .6 x .6 x .6 is also interesting… 144,720,000, because 144 and 72 are Important Biblical Numbers (144,000 Elect and 72 Steps of Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven aka the Stars) 144 Cubits is 216 Feet (6 x 6 x 6).

…. what? So now it’s 616 that’s the bad number? Oh and by the way, it’s 671 million mph, if we want to be more accurate. That would give 144 and 93.6 instead of 72. Sorry!

This one made me laugh so much!

11: Saturn’s Hexagonal Pole is a 6 sided, 6 pointed Polygon Representing a Cube Containing 6 Triangles (A Hex), and it is the 6th planet

That’s how hexagons and triangles work. Jupiter also had hexagonal storms (and pentagonal, and octagonal, and a triskele) , so Saturn isn’t special here.

Infrared image of Jupiter’s south pole taken on Nov. 4, 2019 by JUNO.
10: A Day is 23 Hours and 56 Minutes, but We Round it to 60 Seconds, 60 Minutes, and 24 Hours (& 2+4 in Numerology is 6), Because Father Time is Saturn aka Cronos (or Crono-logy) the Greco-Roman God of Time, Chaos, and Death

(This one kind of reminded me about the witches prophecy that they tell Macbeth. You know, truth wrapped in lies.)

The sidereal day is 23 hours and 56 minutes, but the Solar day is 24 hours, we didn’t just round it for funsies!

Father Time is more of a modern concept, although Kronos was heavily associated with time during the ancient Greek civilisation. I’m not a historian, so don’t quote me on this. I couldn’t find any connection between Kronos/Saturn and Chaos and Death, so maybe you might need to re-evaluate this one.

And with that this post finishes! I’ll post the last few arguments in the upcoming days, but in the meantime, here’s my flatmate’s reply to the Flat Earther:


  1. You know, back in college I kept a running list of all the occurrences of the number 42 I came across in my daily life. There were a lot of them. I don’t think that proves anything except that frequency illusion is a thing.

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    • Exactly. You don’t notice things until you make the effort to. My sister and I didn’t realise how many pink cars there were in our town until we played a spotting game with them.

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