I Crocheted a Supernova!

I picked up some really pretty yarn a few days ago, and it kinda reminded me of the colours you’d see in a supernova remnant, albeit a bit more pastel. So I thought, why not crochet a little supernova?

All you need is some colourful yarn, an appropriate hook, and maybe an embroidery hoop to hang the finished product.

I’m using this mandala pattern by Annie Design Crochet, the reason being that the lacey pattern resembles the structure of a remnant. For inspiration, I used the Crab Nebula, and G299.

I followed rounds 1-5, as instructed. I then followed the next 2 rounds, but made front-post stitches into previous rounds. These stitches became pretty long, so sometimes I’d make a front-post into another fron-post stitch.

In the last round, I still kept making front-post stitches, but would just single-crochet into the rest of the stitches to create a border. Below is the final piece!

I was really pleased with my little supernova, and it was a good way to spend the afternoon! I had a little play with my quilt and decided to do some “budget-friendly stargazing”. What do you think?


    • Now that’s a tricky one! I could make a dark shape that represents the nebula for what it really is: a cloud of dust. That way it could work on any dark background.


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