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A quick update about My Hubble Abode: We’re expanding!

About 2 months ago, I opened up a YouTube Channel to experiment with presenting my content in video format. All of these videos are based upon previous posts, but I’m enjoying the process quite a bit, so I think the channel will be here to stay!

If you’re interested in videos, feel free to check out the channel through the link below. I look forward to any comments and critiques. Hopefully, I’ll be in a quieter place by November, so you won’t have to hear children or seagulls!

Click here to check out the channel. Or have a look at my most recent video below:


  1. Good explanation. And good approach to make a simpler understanding of the stars ‘colours’, spectrum, which makes puzzling for many people, especially, when it comes to rendering the photos in RGB.
    The socks idea – thumbs up! 🙂

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    • Thanks for your supportive comment! I’ve heard a couple “explanations” of why stars aren’t green, not all of them 100% accurate nor in good detail. I also appreciate your like for the socks series!


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