Astronomically cool Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Credit: Let’s Get Crafting, Hannah Cooper

2 years ago, I published a couple of my favourite space-y knitting & crochet patterns. Well, I’ve got a whole lot more to share you!

First of all is this super cool space shuttle by Hannah Cooper. Arlo’s Spaceship and Rocket is a free crochet pattern based on actual NASA Shuttles such as Challenger and Endeavour. Just make the solid rocket boosters white and pointy, and you’re ready to go!

This pattern is part of a series of space-themed crochet patterns, including aliens and astronauts!

Also, if you’re a knitter there is a book by Sachiyo Ishii called Knitted Cosmos, which has knitting patterns for spaceships, astronauts, spacecrafts, and lots more!

© Dianna Walla / Paper Tiger

Dianna Walla’s Goldilocks’ Zone mitts are super awesome, and practical for stargazing too! This is a free pattern for fingerless mitts that uses colorwork to create stars and asteroids in front of a sunset background.

The design and colourway was based on the book Goldilocks by Laura Lam, a sci-fi thriller about saving humankind (I’m assuming it has something to do with finding a planet in the Goldilocks’ Zone, but I won’t spoil too much) with a sunset as the cover of the book. Very Pretty!

If you want to go crazy, make a galaxy! Liz George has a free pattern for Centaurus A, which is a bright and beautiful galaxy complete with relativistic jets!

© Liz George

Lastly, the coolest hat I’ve ever seen, the Spacetime Hat by Inger Berg. Actually, she has so another cool hat inspired by science, plus some math-sy mitts, but we have to keep it to the theme of space here! This one is 70 NOK, which is about £6, but her patterns are well worth the money, and easy to follow!

© Inger Berg

That’s all for this week. I’ve got may more patterns to share, but these are some of the most creative ones I’ve seen!


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