Science-Themed New Years Resolutions

After being offline for over 2 months due to various acceptable and un-acceptable reasons, I believe it is my place to tell you to make goals to stop procrastinating and be more productive!

Of course, I’m only joking! Whilst I don’t particularly like the whole “New year, new me” mindset, my extraordinarily long break has lead me to set myself a couple ongoing goals that just so happen to start roughly around the new year.

More Stargazing

I have been blessed this Christmas with a telescope from a good friend of mine. It was donated to them a while ago but was never used, so it’s now in my possession. I’ve always wanted to see all the planets, so this year I will try to find a good place to do some astronomy!

Read Books & Articles on Astrophysics

A lot of time at university is spent attending lectures and writing reports & articles, but most of it isn’t actually about astrophysics and the workload can leave you too tired to pursue more physics.

That being said, I did manage to read a couple books in my spare time last semester, along with completing 3 exams and one report, weekly homework, making a video on Mercury, knitting 2 sweaters and a scarf and 4 socks, sewing 2 dresses, all with 5 hours sleep each night thanks to inconsiderate housemates!

My point is, I have the time to read more. Provided I organise my time better and maybe cut down on the socks, I can make room for more astrophysics.


I think this one’s obvious; programming languages are almost a must in the STEM workplace. I want to get a hang of Python or C, which are most commonly used in physics alongside a few others like Java and MATLAB.

I’d love to know any similar goals you have, so please let me know! I’d be happy to see them!

And with that being said, happy new year!

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