How to make a JWST Pouf!

It has been waay too long, but I’m back again with a crafty written tutorial on sewing a James Webb Space Telescope themed pouf (or beanie bag if you make one large enough!)

You will need:

  • Gold fabric and complimentary thread
  • Space/blue/black fabric
  • A zip
  • Upholstery/scrap fabric for the base
  • Lots & LOTS of stuffing

Firstly, you’ll need to cut 18 gold hexagons and 19 space hexagons. Cut them depending on how big you want the pouff. You’ll then sew them into this configuration (1space hexagon in the centre, surrounded by 2 “shells” of the golden fabric, then one more layer of space fabric hexagons)

This forms the top of the pouf. Additionally, you can quilt the fabric by sandwiching a layer of batting between the hexagon and some lining fabric and stitching some funky lines on top.

Cut the fabric into a circle of the size you want, the white dotted line is a guideline. Remember some of this will go into the seam allowance so it will be slightly smaller when stitched up!

Take your base fabric and cut a circle identical to the to the one you’ve just created with hexagons. This will go on the bottom of the pouf.

Now measure the circumference of the circle of fabric. This measurement will be the length of the side space fabric, so that it’ll be long enough to wrap around. This fabric will be a rectangle of whatever height you want. Pin it to the edge of the hexagonal fabric circle (right sides in) and sew near the edge. Repeat this step for the base circle, but LEAVE 4 – 5″ OF UNSEWN FABRIC! This is so you can turn the pouf inside out and stuff it!

If you want to add a zip, this would be the time to do so. There are multiple ways to add a zip, so I’ll let you choose. Turn the pouf inside out and stuff it. If the base is getting too spherical, you could place a cardboard circle inside to keep it flat. Put any stuffing on top of the cardboard.

If you didn’t add a zip you can whip stitch the fabric in place.

Here’s a pictorial description if it helps! Have fun!

Here’s a video of me making one, so if you want to sew along come join me!

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