Free Space-y Crochet Patterns! Also why I’ve been away

Long time no see! I haven’t been on WordPress for a while, mostly due to exams and the stress of learning about quantum mechanics and every single way energy levels within atoms split into more and being constantly reminded that all the science I learnt in middle school was wrong and chemistry is basically physics and blah blah blah….

…but I’ve also been busy making crochet patterns for space concepts! I’ve made 5 patterns focused on space, each are for making protoplanetary disks, a HR diagram that scales with size, universal geometry, active galactic nuclei, and black hole spacetime geometry.

If you crochet, I hope you enjoy these patterns. They’re double checked but they haven’t been through proper testing, so if I have made a mistake please let me know! The patterns will be down below but also hosted on my page “Space Crochet” which is located on the main menu above.

I’m very sorry for my absence but once these exams are over I have many cool things to write about!

But not quantum mechanics. Screw that!

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  1. I love your space crochet projects! I think it’s awesome that you’ve made this guide for other people to do the same.

    I’ve been self-educating myself about science for over a decade now, and unlearning all the stuff they taught me in middle school has been a constant theme. I don’t think what they taught me was 100% wrong, but it was oversimplified.

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