About Me

Hi, and welcome to my Hubble abode!

That’s me!

I’m a Master’s student studying astrophysics, with a deep love for the cosmos! I’m studying to become an astrophysicist, so this site is my way of learning to write about science.

My Hubble Abode is a blog for the curious souls who enjoy learning about space. I write about amazing cosmological objects, telescope advice, Flat Earth, and much more!

Initially the site was designed to be only an online platform for my A-level revision notes. I was quite annoyed to find a lot of online notes come with a large price tag, so I decided to publish my own for free. My school peers benefited from them well, and I had a lot of encouragement from my site users, so I decided to make notes for other exam boards.

Since the start of this website, I’ve grown to make a wider range of content, from short (and very long) posts on random spacey stuff, to current advancements in technology and discoveries, to obliterating some of the most daft “scientific” claims such as Flat Earth. I genuinely enjoy writing about astronomy, and I hope many of you enjoy reading my work as well.

In the coming months, I’ll also be uploading university notes, once classes start that is!

Have a look around and check out my A-level study material and posts if you’re looking to practise for upcoming exams. There’s revision notes for Eduqas, Edexcel, and (soon) AQA.

Happy Stargazing!

HR8799, a planetary system similar to our wonderful solar system!