Let’s Go to Mars Without Leaving Earth!

Hey you! Interested in going to Mars, but don’t want to actually leave Earth? Well, if you’re a healthy US citizen, NASA just might let you!

What Are You Talking About?

Before taking humans to Mars, scientists and researchers need to conduct simulated trials to evaluate how mental and sociological health can change when in long missions with few people. NASA are going to introduce 3 missions that basically simulate living on Mars as best as possible.

They’re a year long each and include only 4 members in each mission. You’ll be in a large Martian habitat, with the equipment and limitations you’d have on a real mission. They’ve even included time delays!

It sounds amazing, but I think it could get rather stressful and depressing if problems arise. This is exactly why a simulated mission would be crucial before we actually send people to Mars. Thankfully, you’ll still be at home on Earth….this time!

Who Can Apply?

NASA accepts non-smoking US Citizens between 30-55. The requirements are actually the same as the astronaut requirements, notably the experience in a STEM subect and/or piloting. I’ll link to NASA’s article below.

If you’ve got what it takes, then give it a go!

One of Oppy’s coolest landscapes! We miss you Oppy!


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