Fun Websites

In The Sky – Generates a planetarium specific to your location. – Shows job opportunities and space-focused career options for those interested.

Sloan Digital Sky Server – Full of projects and learning materials.

Galaxy Redshift Survey Database – A gigantic database of redshift surveys. If you can interpret them, it’s a wonderful resource!

NASA’s Eyes – Shows you which radio telescopes in the Deep Space Network (DSN) are receiving data and from which spacecraft.

oPhysics – A website full of physics simulations. Great for students!

CHANDRA – It’s full of educational resources and classroom activities.

Prof Chris North’s CMB simulator

Prof Wayne Hu’s website of programs and educational resources. This is more advanced stuff.

Advice on structuring a good science article.

And The Really Fun Ones…

Below is Julian Garnier’s 3D Solar System simulation. Click on the website to get the full code.

THE AWESOME AMATEUR ASTRONOMER – It has some fun and easy activities to do if you want to get involved in amateur astronomer.

A Ravelry forum for maths/science knitting + crochet patterns.

Kelvin Is Lord! – No explanation.