The Electric Universe is Confusing

Gravity? Bin it! Electromagnetism is all we need, apparently.

Today we’re looking at some extreme science denial-ism. It won’t surprise you that some flat Earthers believe in the electric universe, but it may come as a shock to learn that even scientists themselves can fall victim to this outlandish theory.

What even is the electric universe?

The theory of the electric universe lies on the idea (not fact) that electromagnetism alone is enough to explain universal phenomena. Gravity is not needed and often believed to be just an effect of electromagnetism, and so many will discard gravity in its entirety.

Even those who have pursued science at degree level can fall into the trap of believing that electricity (magnetism sometimes gets forgotten, oh well) dominates the universe as we know it.

What are the consequences of the electric universe theory?

Gravity does not exist. What we observe to be gravity is actually effects of electromagnetism.

This means Newton’s law of gravitation and Kepler’s laws are completely false. Now many of you probably know that Newton’s law is not perfect in itself, but it does a damn good job just as is. Electric universe-rs would claim that the law is completely wrong. There is a difference.

Furthermore, if these laws are wrong, then general relativity would also be complete garbage. The thing that predicted Mercury’s precession better than Newton’s law. The thing that satellites use to make sure signals are sent and received as precisely as possible. The thing that makes electromagnets induce voltage when interacting with moving objects. Aw shucks, now electromagnetism doesn’t exist. Who would have thought?

This also means practically EVERYTHING we know about stars would be false. Star formation, the ignition of the core by gravitational collapse to begin fusion, would be wrong. Gravity is the only force balancing expansion in a star’s core, so how would stars engage in nuclear fusion if we take that force away, or do they not engage in it at all?

Our understanding of the stellar life cycle would also be completely incorrect. In modern physics, it is known that mass is a very very very important property of a star and dictates what will become of a star right from birth to death. In the electric universe, gravity does not exist. Mass is essentially meaningless. How can that be? How come we have observed a strict and clear correlation between phases of a star’s life and stellar mass?

How come our current understanding of the world around us is so accurate, if everything is wrong? Our physics is so extensive, and I mean so extensive, empirically proven, heavily refined, and constantly reviewed. Yet most of it is wrong? I’m not saying that it is wrong to doubt, but think before you make crazy claims!

To further this, there isn’t even a widely accepted model of the electric universe. It’s like the flat earth model, also non-existent. You’ve given me nothing to work with, and I can’t debunk nothing!

Oh, and by the way, putting an old symbol or plasma ball next to a nebula or galaxy does not count as a proof.

Look look! The Frangipani looks like Venus’ geocentric orbit! Therefore the universe is geocentric!

Look! I told you green pine trees are a hoax, and that the government is hiding the real red ones to hide the fact that Santa is real.

I knew Santa was real.

Oh no! What’s this?

I can’t believe it! I knew I should have bought Super Mario Galaxy. It was written in the stars!

To end this on a more serious note

Please don’t blindly buy into electric universe. It is not as complete as they like you to think, and quite simply doesn’t cut it.

To end this post, I highly recommend watching this video by Professor Dave. He really heavily critiques the theory, and poses many questions that are yet to be answered!

Bye for now!


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